24 Hour Bender

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The '24 Hour Bender' charity event is an attempt to set a new world record for the longest cold water scuba dive!


An adventure to increase awareness and raise money for local charities while having fun! Please give generously to the good causes we are supporting:

  1. Royal National Lifeboat Institute - www.justgiving.com/24RNLI
  2. Marine Conservation Society - www.justgiving.com/24MCS
  3. Ulster Wildlife Trust - www.justgiving.com/24UWT
  4. Irish Whale & Dolphin Group - offline donations only at this time


Saturday 3rd (approx. 6pm) - Sunday 4th August 2013


The site of the Empire Tana Wreck, locally known as the Inner Lees in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland.


Fergal Glynn is the Lead Diver for the attempt. SCUBA diving since the age of 10, Fergal has been an experienced member of QUBSAC for over 5 years. He has dived in a variety of conditions and locations and for a variety of purposes. During his time with the club Fergal has held the committee positions of Training Officer, Engineer, Diving Officer and President.

Fergal will be assisted by an experienced team of support divers consisting of current and past QUBSAC members as well as a select few experienced divers affiliated with the club. There will also be a large surface support team made up of club members and hopefully plenty of others willing to help out or show their support.

How? More Information on the big dive

The current record stands at 13 hours 4 minutes, set by Paul Devane in Killary, Co. Galway. The original record had been set by his brother Declan, in memory of his son. The QUBSAC team, led by Fergal Glynn, will attempt to set a new record - 24 hours.

Requirements for record dive:

  1. Must be in sea of 10m depth
  2. 20mins of dive must be beneath 6m
  3. Water temperature lower than 15C
  4. At no time can the diver break the surface

Fergal will be wearing SCUBA (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Appartus), with no connection to the surface. Special equipment will allow him to change gas cylinders underwater and he will be wearing a very good exposure suit system to cope with the cold. Most of the equipment consists of items Fergal uses on a regular basis, with some additions and modifications. He will be accompanied at all times by (apart from the support diver) a light and camera system to record and stream the event live.

Watch the event live Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th August 2013 on www.ustream.tv/channel/the-24-hour-bender

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If you have any further questions about this event or the club contact us on sub-aqua@qub.ac.uk.

Lead Diver Fergal Glynn:

Lead Diver Fergal Glynn


Congratulations to our lead diver Fergal Glynn for achieving 7 hours 42 minutes and all support divers and surface crew!!

Although the record was not broken, this has been the greatest acheivement QUBSAC has been involved in and a massive thank you to everyone who took part!

24 Hour Bender Event Trailer: