Trained Divers

By admin

QUBSAC members have a wide-variety of qualifications - From newly qualified ocean divers, to advanced divers attempting world record dives. We also have plenty PADI-trained divers in our ranks and several members have gone down the instructor route.
Do you want to dive more? Trained on holidays and want to sample our own Northern Irish wonders? Then QUBSAC could be for you. You’ll meet many people willing to help you further your diving life and one part of joining is the ability to train with us. We run BSAC Sports Diver courses (that’s after Ocean Diver), Dive Leader training and we also organise BSAC Boat Handling courses, O2 administration etc. Crossover is also available if you did not initially train with BSAC and wish to continue your training with QUBSAC.
If you are interested in joining the club as a trained diver then please visit our New Members page first which contains general eligibility requirements, what the club can offer you and overviews of training and diving. Then why not speak to a committee member for more information today?