Open water SCUBA Equipment

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If you have any queries about diving equipment contact a club committee member.
Protective Clothing:
Dry suit -
DV diving hires them for £20.00 per day diving (Mention QUBSAC and ask for Tony... )
DV diving 138 Mountstewart Road, Newtonards 028 91 464 671
Under suits must also be worn with the dry suit to protect from the cold. These are hired with the dry suit (along with the hood). Or can be bought second-hand.
Brand new suits can be expensive (~£300+). Second-hand suits are also another option if you would rather your own suit and can range from ~£70 although the condition of the suit may require repairs etc. Do ask other club members for advise!

Semi Dry suit -
Suitable for the vast majority of cold water diving depending on thickness. Needs to be at least 7mm thick and can also be hired.
Try Jackson sports 70 High street, Belfast 028 90 238 572. They also sell ex rental suits second hand however they are not always available.

Gloves & Hood
To protect yourself from the cold water and any sharps that might be found while diving. 5mm neoprene is a good all year round size for both gloves and hood however 3mm gloves are less restrictive.

Needed for use with a semi dry suit, again of adequate thickness.

Weight belt/harness and lead weights.
Limited club supply available, therefore buy your own - orders can be made through a QUBSAC for personal lead.

Depth gauge and timer
Mechanical depth gauges can be bought for approx £40.00 and a watch from £20.00. Digital depth gauges cost around £90.00 and will give depth, time, temp, recent dive logs and ascent speed. Dive computers include more advanced options are also available however they are expensive to buy first hand.

BCD, Tank and Regulators
All available and signed out from the compressor room free of charge - MUST BE SIGNED OUT!

Mask, Fins and Snorkel
Essential personal equipment which should be purchased at the start of pool training.

Note: Second hand gear is available from the internet (ebay can be a great place) and from existing club members but always seek advice at training about any equipment you plan to get.