Diving Do's and Don'ts

By admin

For a safe dive, there are a number of general rules to uphold.

  • Don't dive alone - Always dive with a buddy... more fun and safe way to dive!!

  • Don't hold your breath - Air in your lungs expand as the pressure decreases when you surface. You don't want to pop a lung... so exhale!

  • Don't ascend faster than your smallest exhaled bubbles - take your time, this also relates to air expansion.

  • Don't stay down too long - stick to the dive plan... plan your dive and dive your plan!!

  • Don't dive deeper than your qualifed to.

  • Don't dive with malfunctioning equipment - for obvious safety reason!!

  • Don't destroy the environment!!!

  • Don't go in overhead environments - safety!

  • Don't dive beyond your training - safety!

  • Don't forget your safety stop - allows for 'off-gasing'... the unloading of excess nitrogen in the body... again, SATEY!!

  • Don't forget to log your dives.

There are many rules to remember but they are for your safety... diving is a fun and a rewarding recreational sport :)