S.V.Zarina (The Pins)

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Information on the S.V.Zarina (The Pins)

Vessel Type: Swedish Barque                                Date of Loss: 1700 approx.
Location: County Down                                           Place: Strangford Lough
Cause of Loss: Unknown                                         Shore Dive From: Ballyhenry Bay
Charted Depth: 12m                                               Irish O.S. Map: Discovery Series No. 21
Height of Wreck: 2m                                              Admirality Chart No: 2156
Hull Material: Wood

Type Of Sea Bed: Sand and silt                            Average Visability: 5 - 10m
Latitude(GPS): 54 23.35 North                          Longitude(GPS): 05 33.50 West
Diving Experience: Novice

Diving Information:

  • Sitting upright on a sloping bottom, the hull (most of it) still quite discernible.
  • The lower part of the hull is sheather in breass, and the planking is held together with two foot brass pins, half an inch thick - hence its nickname, "The Pins".
  • Bottom shelves towards the main stream of the narrows.
  • Watch out for the current if straying further from the wreck.

Historical Information:

  • Real name is thought to be the "Zarina", from the Baltic.
  • Cause of loss and other details are lost in the mists of time.
  • Confusion over the name of this wreck - some sources say it is the large 2 master schooner "Nimble".